Lebanon’s Election Day


Contrary to my prior plan, I went to university today. I never really go much anymore, since I only have one course left and it’s on business ethics. Needless to say that such a class doesn’t require much attendance to be comprehended; and with attendance at our university being optional, I decided to homeschool myself. Today, however, with the midterm exams being a few days away, I decided to visit my campus.

The sun glistened on my skin, sunk into my sunglasses, and hid behind my long sleeve hoodie. The blossomed flowers on the trees reeked with the smell of spiring as they danced in the light breeze. The buildings seemed different with the natural lighting of the season and the fresh air, not yet packed with summer’s dust and moisture, making me see things ever clearer.

Silence filled my ride to the buss station as the cab driver minded his own business. But then he turned on the radio. And I heard it — like hearing the announcement of the World War — the results of the Lebanese presidential elections. “Samir Gaegae, Samir Gaegae, Samir Gaegae… Blank paper.” The pattern repeated itself a few times before I descended the vehicle.


I thought I was about to witness history in the making, a president elected from the first session, and that president being Gaegae. When I got to my university, however, which is located in an area in which people oppose Gaegae, the fireworks informed me that I hadn’t witnessed anything historical today and that Gaegae was not elected.

Thinking about the current situation, I pondered about another name to nominate as president for this country. I couldn’t come up with any. See, elections in Lebanon don’t happen in the conventional way. The house of representatives elects the president, the president is always a Christian Maronite, he is most probably an expert in Lebanese politics, and has or is a part of a political party, allies and other members of which should be members in the house representatives.

When it comes to Samir Gaegae and, frankly speaking, every other name on the table, they all have experience in Lebanese politics for over 20 years. Unfortunately, that means that they were all participants in the Lebanese civil war and they are all warlords who made, and are still making, fortunes out of people’s misfortune and misery.


I can’t imagine these people representing my country and me in international venues. Most of those nominees will make a joke out of themselves if attempted to speak another language, one of them was in prison for murder and assassination, one is a complete nut job, all have been blatantly piercing holes in the wallets of citizens, and all of them have no idea what politics is — they’re mere tools for bigger opposing forces.

It’s obvious when I say “bigger forces” that I mean countries like the US, Russia, Iran… So, if Iran’s nominee wins the election, so to speak, that means that our country would be under the influence of Iranian policies in the area; and if a US nominee gets elected, our country would be directly influenced by the US policy in the area. In our world, unfortunately, there is no lesser of two evils.

If I know Lebanese politics well enough, and I think I do, I believe we will remain without a president for a while. Who cares anyway? People here don’t even notice his existence.


Noisy Words: Boisterous and Plangent

ImageAre you ready to make some noise? Good! Because today’s words are loud just like the summer nights ahead.

Boisterous [boi-ster-uhs, -struhs] (adj.):

1. rough and noisy; noisily jolly.

2. rough and stormy.


Anything could happen in this boisterouscity.

Plangent [plan-juhnt] (adj.):

resounding loudly, especially with a plaintive sound, like a bell.


Not caring that it was 2:00 a.m., he turned up the radio and let the plangent music fill the corners of the sleeping neighborhood.

Traffic Generator

I couldn’t think of a better 200th post for my blog. Just now, I received an email from the editor of Children’s Stories telling me that my poem was viewed more that 3,800 times since it was published at their website. She told me that the number is well above average, which makes me so happy.

I like to thank my fellow bloggers who helped in generating this traffic. If you haven’t read my poem yet, you can by following this link http://www.childrens-stories.net/poems-and-rhyming-stories/go~to~sleep~my~little~kitten_margaret~benison.htm

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Some Ramblings and an Announcement

It’s going to be a hot summer. I know because it seems that we won’t be able to keep our windows open. The smell of garbage coming from the dump a few miles away from our house has found its way to our front yard by riding a light wind. There’s also the fact that our cats keep opening the windows and fleeing in search for a mate. The female has friend-zoned the male and now they both don’t see each other as fit partners.

The morning headaches have started, and the inability to commence any activity during the early hours began as well. Sunlight hits my room at lunchtime making it impossible for me to work at my desk until the early evening hours; and my laptop, with its malfunctioning fan, burns my skin the moment I lay it on my lap. The unquenchable thirst began but the good news is that soon enough I will no longer crave any food – only fruits. Beach season will start; but I don’t think I will enjoy it much this year since everyone I know will go with their significant other. There’s also the fact that our water is contaminated by countless diseases and pathogens. *sighs* This is what summer does to me. It places me in the hibernation period, a perpetual state of idleness, as I wait for the hot humid weather to be replaced by the fresh cold wind.

Anyone else missing winter already?

I miss writing. In the past couple of weeks I have been trying to focus on my graduation project so I tried not to start writing anything new in order not to distract myself. It’s not working; I’m still getting distracted. And now that I’m getting very little work done on either sides of my obligations, I feel distressed. I can’t imagine not graduating this year, and spending a seventh year on a degree I was supposed to finish in three. Yet, just the thought of studying at all makes me nauseated. My mom has this dream of me getting an MBA. I told her to keep on dreaming.

My psyche has recovered since the day I had the black-spider scare. I do feel disoriented, however. I took this break from writing for a reason and I feel that I haven’t fulfilled that reason yet. I wanted to relieve my mind from the strenuous work I had done working on my novel, construct my second novel’s plot, work on my graduation project and a few other writing projects, and get ready (emotionally at least) to begin editing the first draft. So far, I have done bits and pieces of all of the above. Hence, everything feels incomplete.

I don’t like to ramble and whine in my posts. However, it’s 6:02 p.m. now and this is the first thing I had written all day. So, bear with me as I’m using this to jumpstart my writing engines.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to a song I used to hear when I was a kid. It’s Greek and I just realized that its name is Margarites. It’s nice to know that my ego has preserved a song with my name on it inside my memory for such a long time. I guess that I’m a born narcissist.

I will leave you with this song and hope you like it. I do have a favor to ask you though. I’m planning to change the url on my blog. Once I do that, you will still be following me; however, my feed won’t appear on your reader: new url = new subscription. I read a lot about this subject and realized that the best thing to be done is for you to subscribe to my blog via email. There’s a button on my page for that. So, please subscribe to my blog, and you will receive my posts by email even when I change my url. You can unsubscribe later when my url is changed and follow me only on wordpress. Thank you for your patience and for your support throughout my journey.


Word of the Day: Salient



Today’s word is outstanding, so is the photo I added to go with it.

Salient [sey-lee-uhnt, seyl-yuhnt] (adj.):

1. prominent or conspicuous

2. projecting or pointing upward

3. leaping or jumping


His salient performance on his exams earned him a scholarship to an ivy league university.